Jolene Women’s iPhone Case - X / XS

This head-turning women’s iPhone case helps you be present in the moment while keeping you connected. The beautiful, taupe vegan leather gives the Jolene a classy look perfect for any occasion. Elevate your style with our wearable women’s iPhone cases for X and XS models. Order yours today!
  • Made from responsibly sourced, taupe vegan leather
  • 52" Strap
  • Features a durable zippered pocket
  • Not only will you turn heads, you’ll feel good about doing it
  • Easily secure your ID, credit card, and more
Are you known for losing your phone? The Jolene women’s iPhone case can help. The vegan leather strap easily fits over your body and can be adjusted to your comfort, keeping your phone secure at your side. Plus, you’d be surprised how much more in the moment you are when your phone isn’t on the table during happy hour (and no embarrassing trips back to the restaurant when you leave your phone there). This women’s iPhone case fits perfectly on your X or XS model, and you can keep your essentials in the expandable zippered pocket. Do you or someone you know need to meet Jolene? Order yours today!

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