Jolene Women’s iPhone Case - XR

This stylish women’s iPhone case is crafted with taupe, vegan leather and features an expandable zippered pocket to keep your essentials secure. Perfect for the woman who is always on the go. Order the Jolene for your iPhone XR today!
  • Secure zipper pocket
  • 52" Strap
  • Great for “traveling light” with your ID, card, and cash
  • Just toss the strap over your body and adjust it for a comfortable fit
If you’re like most women who lead busy lives, you want to be in the moment, but you know life can come calling at any time. Hera Cases sought out to create a women’s iPhone case that would allow you to do just that — and the Jolene was born. The taupe vegan leather and sleek styling provide a look fit for any occasion, and the crossbody strap can be easily adjusted while you’re on-the-go. Keep your ID, cash, credit card, and other essentials in the secure zippered pocket. Perfect for happy hour, hiking, biking, concerts, sporting events, and more. Like all of our women’s iPhone cases, the strap can be easily removed and swapped with any of the straps available on our website, so you can accessorize as needed. Elevate your style and keep moving with the Jolene. Order yours today!

  • One Jolene women’s iPhone case for XR models
  • One taupe, adjustable strap

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