Raine & Vanessa - Luxury Phone Case for iPhone X / XS - LIMITED EDITION

Are you always losing your phone? The Raine & Vanessa is the perfect luxury phone case for you! This limited edition case keeps your phone securely tethered to your body, and features stunning, black python embossed, leather that is sure to turn heads. Bonus point for the leather being vegan and responsibly sourced. Order your for your X or XS model today!


  • 52” Vanessa strap, made from vegan leather and spruced up with silver studs
  • Compatible with iPhone X and XS
  • Easily adjust the strap to your body for a comfortable fit and a stylish look
  • Fits securely over your iPhone and keeps it protected

“Hi, I was there an hour ago and I think I may have left my phone at our table.” Sound familiar? Tired of being THAT person? It’s time to upgrade to the Raine & Vanessa from Hera Cases! Featuring an adjustable 52” strap that fits comfortably across your body and an expandable zippered pocket to hold your ID, credit card, and other essentials, this luxury phone case is the perfect way to keep your phone on you all day long — without having to think about it! Seriously, if it weren’t for all the compliments you’ll get on the stylish, black python embossed design, you might even forget it’s there! Whether you are biking, shopping, driving across town for work meetings, or hitting happy hour, this luxury phone case makes it easy to access your phone whenever you need it. Say goodbye to the days of clunky purses and lost phones — order the Raine & Vanessa while supplies last!


  • One Raine luxury phone case for iPhone X or XS
  • One black, vegan leather, Vanessa strap

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