Willow - iPhone Crossbody Case - 6+ / 6s+ / 7+ / 8+

Life keeps you busy, and you need to bring your cell phone with you everywhere you go. Enter the Willow, an iPhone crossbody case compatible with all 6+, 6s, 7+, and 9+ models. Like all products from Hera Cases, this product is made out of sustainably sourced materials and features eye-catching design that is sure to turn heads. Order yours today!

  • Features an expandable, zippered pocket
  • Pink lizard embossed, vegan leather strap
  • Keep all of your essentials on you while you’re on-the-go
  • Easily adjust the fit of your iPhone crossbody strap

Honestly, how often do you need a large, clunky, purse or bag when you go out? How often does it inconvenience you? The Willow iPhone crossbody case is the perfect solution for women who live busy lifestyles and don’t need extra things weighing them down. Perfect for situations where you only need to bring your essentials, like your ID, credit card, and cash, you can easily maneuver through the crowds at sporting events, concerts, bars, and more! The vegan leather strap easily fits across your body, and can quickly be adjusted to get the right fit. The Willow iPhone crossbody case is a subtle fashion statement that makes it easier to go about your busy day. Order yours from Hera cases today!


  • One pink lizard embossed, Willow case
  • One 52 or 60 inch, adjustable strap


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