Alina + Clarissa - iPhone XR

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  • Compatible with iPhone XR
  • Royal Yellow vegan leather case
  • Royal Yellow vegan leather strap entwined
  • Expandable zippered pocket to easily access and safely secure your Credit Card, ID & Cash


  • 52" Long - Standard
  • 0.35" Wide
  • Metal chain strap with Royal Yellow vegan leather entwined
  • Chrome wash hardware and clasps on each end
  • Designed to be worn with Billy Jean, Blu, Jolene, Scarlett, Star, Terra, Storm, Willow, Raine & Victoria
  • With a simple clip, this  interchangeable strap allows you to mix and match from your phone case to any handbag, camera case, make up bag or luggage.

This universal phone case is compatible with any iPhone XR phone and is ideal for everyday use and especially handy for:

Travel, concerts, sporting events, theme parks, college students, biking, hiking, walking, shopping, a night out or that woman who is always losing her phone!

Alina + Clarissa - iPhone XR
Alina + Clarissa - iPhone XR
Alina + Clarissa - iPhone XR
Alina + Clarissa - iPhone XR