Blu + Celeste - iPhone X / XS

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Blue + Celeste Strap 

This three piece combo is perfect for the goddess who loves to be classy. Go from day to night with just the change of a strap!

She'll pick you up if you're feeling Blu!

This phone case is ideal for everyday use and especially handy for: Travel, concerts, sporting events, theme parks, college students, biking, hiking, walking, shopping, a night out or that woman who is always losing her phone!

  • Fits iPhone X / XS
  • Blue Vegan Leather
  • Blue Vegan Leather strap included is available in three lengths:
  • 47" - Petite
  • 52" - Standard
  • 60" - Tall / Plus Size
  • Zippered expandable pocket keeping your drivers license, credit card, and cash easily accessible and secured.

This universal case fits any iPhone X / XS


Delicate Treasure Celeste (Perfectly pairs with BLU)

Available in 3 lengths (Standard, Petite, Tall / Plus Size):

  • 52" Long - Standard
  • 47" Petite
  • 60" Tall / Plus Size
  • 0.35" Wide
  • Metal chain strap with blue vegan leather material entwined
  • Chrome wash hardware and clasps on each end
  • Designed to be worn with Billy Jean, Blu, Jolene, Scarlett & Victoria
  • With a simple clip, this  interchangeable strap allows you to mix and match from your phone case to any handbag, camera case, make up bag or luggage.

BLU pairs well with: Charlize, Alaia, Amelia, Bianca, Blaire, Camile, Farah, Felicia, Fleur, Gala, Gia, Goldie, Hailey, Hannah, Harper, Kai Lee, Leah, Mia, Pam, Rose, Serene, Serenity, Silva, Stella, Vanessa, Veronica, Vivi.

Blu + Celeste - iPhone X / XS
Blu + Celeste - iPhone X / XS
Blu + Celeste - iPhone X / XS
Blu + Celeste - iPhone X / XS
Blu + Celeste - iPhone X / XS