Jolene Designer Cell Phone Case - iPhone XS MAX

The Jolene designer cell phone case is the perfect way to keep your iPhone XS Max safe while you’re on-the-go. Featuring an expandable, zippered pocket to carry your ID, cards, cash, and other essentials, the Jolene makes it easy to travel light as you go about your day. Order yours from Hera Cases!

  • Taupe vegan leather case and strap
  • Expandable zippered pocket
  • Turn heads and and easily accessorize
  • Safely carry all of your essentials with you

Between running errands, business meetings, social gatherings and family commitments, keeping track of your loose phone can be difficult. Have no fear, Hera Cases is here. Our wearable, designer cell phone cases make it easier than ever to be present in the moment while staying connected. The Jolene is the perfect way to take care of your iPhone XS Max and ensure it is there when you need it. The adjustable strap makes it easy to throw on and secure to your body, so you can spring into action at a moment’s notice. This designer cell phone case is a stunning accessory, and the beautifully crafted taupe vegan leather will have you singing “Jolene, Jolene your beauty is beyond compare.” Order yours today!

One taupe Jolene designer cell phone case
One 52 or 60 inch adjustable strap

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