Scarlett -Crossbody Cell Phone Case for iPhone XR

Designed for the trendsetting woman who’s always got somewhere to be, the Scarlett crossbody cell phone case makes it easier than ever to stay connected while you’re on-the-go. With a secure pocket to hold your essentials and a vegan leather case highlighted by a striking red, the Scarlett is the perfect solution for the busy woman who won’t sacrifice style. Order yours from Hera Cases!

  • Compatible with iPhone XR
  • Durable, expandable zippered pocket
  • Keep your phone protected with this crossbody cell phone case
  • Bring your ID, cash, credit card, and other essentials with you

When life calls, you need to answer, but fumbling around in your purse is no fun, and we all know the risk you run when you carry your phone in your back pocket (splash). Enter the Scarlett. This crossbody cell phone case makes it easy to access your phone when you need it, while keeping it out of the way so you can live in the moment. It’s easy, just throw the vegan leather strap over your shoulder, adjust it for a comfortable fit, and you’re out the door. Do you tend to misplace your phone? Problem solved. Get peace-of-mind knowing that it’s always by your side, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of it. Tired of lugging around your purse or fishing your ID, cash, and credit card out of your pocket? Just stow them away in the zippered pocket on the case. Elevate your style and enjoy the added convenience of the Scarlett. Order yours today!


  • One Scarlett crossbody cell phone case for iPhone XR
  • One adjustable, vegan leather strap. Available in 52” or 60”

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