Victoria iPhone Crossbody Case for 11 Pro

Enjoy the timeless look and unprecedented convenience of one of our leading iPhone crossbody cases — the Victoria. No matter where your day takes you, the Victoria makes it easy to bring your phone and essentials along with you. Crafted responsibly with vegan leather, it will be easy to feel good about how great you look. Order yours from Hera Cases!

  • Built to fit the iPhone 11 Pro
  • Adjustable 52 or 60 inch strap
  • Pop your Victoria onto your phone and get on with your day
  • Throw the iPhone crossbody strap on and adjust it for a perfect fit

Are you always on the go? Do you have a hard time keeping track of your phone? The Victoria iPhone crossbody case is the perfect solution. Nobody loves digging through their purse to get to their phone, and no one has time to head back to the restaurant to ask the manager if they’ve seen their phone. The Victoria makes it easy to keep track of your phone, ID, credit card, and other essentials. Just throw it over your shoulder, secure it to your body using the adjustable strap, and head out the door. The finely crafted, black vegan leather makes it a fun way to accessorize, too. Don’t let your phone slow you down. Order the Victoria from Hera Cases!


  • One Victoria iPhone crossbody case for iPhone 11 Pro
  • One black, vegan leather adjustable strap. 52 or 60 inch model available

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