Star - for iPhone

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Looking for a luxury phone case that can keep up with your busy lifestyle? Say hello to the Star from Hera Cases! This vegan leather case comes with an adjustable strap that fits comfortably across your body, giving you a sleek look that’s sure to turn heads. You can leave the purse behind — just put your credit card, ID, cash, and other essentials into the secure zippered pocket. Order yours today!

  • Metallic Silver, vegan leather case
  • Adjustable, crossbody strap
  • Elevate your style with quality, sustainable materials
  • Get the perfect fit for all your activities

Searching for a luxury phone case for your iPhone There’s no luxury quite like the beautiful stylings and unprecedented convenience of the Star! It’s impossible not to notice the stunning metallic silver featured on the case and strap, and if you haven’t had a crossbody case before, you need to try it! The comfortable strap keeps your phone out of the way and helps you live in the moment, while ensuring that you have easy access to your device whenever you need it. You may be thinking: “Great, but I don’t really wear leather.” Well, good news: it’s vegan! Now you can experience the soft feel of leather without the guilt that comes with it. This luxury phone case features an expandable zippered pocket to keep your credit card, ID, and other essentials secure while you’re hiking, biking, enjoying the farmer’s market, commuting across town for a business meeting, hitting happy hour with friends, or going wherever your life takes you. Order yours today from Hera Cases!


  • One metallic silver luxury phone case for iPhone 
  • One vegan leather, adjustable strap

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