Meet the Goddesses


Meet Ashley, Fabiana & Mechet

Triathlete and fashionista, Ashley is the ultimate Miami Girl. Whether she is enjoying the day on a boat, strolling stylish avenues or training in the gym, Ashley finds beauty in all she sees. Ashley’s vision has been to inspire women to be the best version of themselves and to have a positive impact on others while doing so. As far as fashion goes, she loves boho statement pieces, and is the queen of customization. She has an eye for trends and the ability to make these trends come forward in all that she creates. As for her phone, she feels that as humans we are all linked to each other, and it’s important to stay connected. She has HERA straps in every color and style to match every outfit and occasion. Whether it’s an evening out on the town, shopping the latest looks or an early morning run, Ashley loves staying connected with her hands-free phone case.

Fashion runs in the family for Brazilian-born Fabiana. From a young age, Fabiana began creating for her family’s retail store in Brazil. Today, she is a style-conscious woman working in medical sales. Her phone is her lifeline both at work and at home with her husband and three adorable Goldendoodles. With HERA she simply wears her phone wherever she needs to be. She used to constantly lose and break her phone. Now, it never leaves her side. It’s a must-have for women on the go. When she’s not chasing her outgoing dogs around, Fabiana can be found researching the latest health trends and living an active lifestyle. She loves to exercise and to surround herself with beauty and light. Her HERA inspires her to be better and to do better. The part phone case, part crossbody bag is always with her, which means that Fabiana is always selfie-ready.

Mechet is a wife, mother and creative genius. As the mother of two teenage boys, she definitely has her hands full. That’s why HERA is a crucial part of her wardrobe. She can always be found in athletic wear, not that she has time or even cares about working out, but no one needs to know that! Her priorities are family and fashion. As the ultimate power mom, Mechet spends most of her time traveling with her two son’s soccer teams. Holding her chair, umbrella and bullhorn on the way to the soccer field leaves no room for her phone. Besides, her yoga pants don’t have pockets! That’s why it is HERA to the rescue for Mechet. It’s all about style, comfort and convenience, With HERA, she has all of her necessities within reach, plus it frees up her hands to hold that glass of wine.

We are here to keep you connected with style and function!

Thank you for being part of the HERA Life. Enjoy.



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